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Servers List

The servers list that comes with mIRC in the servers.ini file is carefully maintained for distribution with new mIRC releases. If you would like to add your network to this list or you have updated information about a network that is already in the list, please let us know by following the steps below. Your help in keeping the servers list updated is greatly appreciated.

If you would like us to add a new network to the list please submit your request using the format outlined below. If your request does not follow the format below or does not contain complete information we will not be able to process it unfortunately. Please do not send attachments. Note that we cannot add more than the random server (round robbin) for new networks but we would like to have complete information for future reference.

If your network is already in the list and you would like us to make changes, please be clear about the changes you require by using the format outlined below.

Please appoint one person on your network to maintain an updated list of servers and have them submit any requests using the following format. The servers should be listed in order of importance with the random server on top. Please do not sort them in alphabetical order.


n001=Random serverSERVER:servername:port(s)GROUP:groupname
n002=Continent, State, CitySERVER:servername:port(s)GROUP:groupname
n003=Continent, State, CitySERVER:servername:port(s)GROUP:groupname

network name (Network) =
random server (irc.network.com) =
port range (6660-6669,..) =
network contact person (your name) =
network contact email (your email) =
network homepage (website) = http://
list of servers (page on website) = http://
average amount of users =
average amount of servers =
average amount of channels =

== END HERE ==

Once you have prepared your list in the above format, you can email it to us. We will not confirm receipt of your email. All requests are stored in a candidate list. We limit the number of servers on the servers list for practical reasons, so there is limited space. Candidates are added on a first come basis. If a candidate meets various criteria and there is space on the servers list, it is added to the list. Our current criteria include: an informative website for the network, a stable network of servers that has been running for some time, a reasonable number of users and channels, and so on. These criteria may change over time.

It is generally not a good idea for a network to: return incorrect network information, such as the wrong network name for servers on the network, force users to join channels on connect, or message users to download files. If a network does any of these things, the network may not be added to the list. If it is already in the list, it may be removed from it.

We process the candidate list with a script that connects to all candidate networks to check the number of channels, users, linked servers and a number of other items. Please ensure that your servers report the name of your network in numeric 001 "Welcome to the SomeNet IRC Network" or in numeric 005 NETWORK=SomeNet, where "SomeNet" is the name of your network.

If you have any requests or questions, please contact us.