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Download mIRC

The latest version of mIRC is mIRC v7.77 for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11 and can be downloaded through this page.

How do I download mIRC?

You can download mIRC by clicking on the Download mIRC button on the right.

If you are already using mIRC, this download will upgrade your current version of mIRC to the latest version and will keep your existing settings.

Once the download has finished, you can run the installer to install mIRC.

If you are new to downloading software or to mIRC, read our step by step guide for help.

mIRC can also be downloaded from one of our mirror sites.

If you are looking for an older version of mIRC, please note that due to the number of bug and, especially, security fixes, we cannot recommend using any older versions.

If you are looking for a beta version of mIRC that includes the latest changes and fixes but might not be stable, you can find it in the discussion forums in the bug reports section.