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Chat Links

mIRC supports chat links, a special type of link that works just like a normal link on a web page. When someone clicks on a chat link, their web browser runs mIRC which then connects to an IRC network and/or joins a channel.

Once you create a chat link, all you have to do is place it on your website or email it to a friend and they can just click to connect to your server and join you on your channel.

mIRC has chat link support enabled by default, however if it is not working for you, you can enable it in the mIRC Options/IRC/Catcher dialog.

Examples of Chat Links

Chat links use the irc URL protocol, which takes the form:


This makes it very easy to add a link on your website leading to your favorite IRC channel. This also is the best way to make sure your friends all end up at the same network and channel for a meeting.

Here are some examples that take you to channel #mIRC on various networks:

If the link specifies a server address, mIRC will try to connect to that specific server. If the link just specifies a network name, mIRC will pick a server for that network from its own servers list. If no network or server is specified, as in the last example, mIRC will connect to your current or most recently used IRC network.

You can find chat links to popular IRC networks here.