Multi-line toolbar

If this option is turned on, the toolbar is wrapped onto multiple lines if necessary when the main window is resized.


Always highlight

Turning this on makes mIRC highlight buttons/icons whenever a new message appears in a window, even if the window is visible.


Flash icons

Flashes the icons in switchbar/treebar buttons for query/chat windows if there is a message/highlight event, or a flash event.


Fill switchbar

This option stretches buttons to fill the whole of the switchbar to make them easier to click.


Include DCCs

This option allows you to choose between showing DCC Send/Get windows as buttons in the switchbar or as normal icons.


Include desktop windows

If enabled, buttons for desktop windows are displayed in the switchbar. If disabled, buttons for desktop windows are hidden from the switchbar.


Sort buttons

If this option is turned on, window buttons are sorted alphabetically as opposed to the order in which windows were opened.



This sets the default size of the switchbar buttons.



This sets the height of the switchbar so as to display one or more rows of window icons. If set to Auto the switchbar automatically resizes as window icons are added or removed.


Event, Message, Highlight

Whenever a new message is displayed in a channel or query window, mIRC highlights the switchbar icon for that window with the chosen color. The event color is used for all non-message events, such as joins, parts, modes, etc. The Message color is used for actual messages, and the Highlight color is used for highlighted messages, ie. messages that match your Highlight settings.