The highlight feature allows you to assign colors and sounds to incoming messages that contain certain words that you want to watch for.


By using this feature, you can do things like make messages from certain people, ie. your friends, a different color, or make mIRC play a sound if someone says a specific word.


Your highlight list displays your current list of highlight rules, which you can change by clicking the Add, Edit, or Delete buttons.


Enable Highlighting

This turns highlighting on or off.


Highlight lines that contain these words

This is the list of words that you want mIRC to check for in messages from users. The words must be separated by commas. Your words are matched against whole words, or words enclosed in non-alphabetic characters. You can also use wildcards *? to make a word match non-whole words, eg.: *help*


Note: You can also use Variables or Identifiers as a highlight word.


Match on

Allows you to choose whether the match is applied to the message, the nickname, or both.



This is the color that you want lines matching your highlight criteria to appear in.


Play sound

This is the sound that you want played for lines that match your highlight criteria.


Flash message

If this is turned on, mIRC will flash the mIRC icon if a match is made and your mIRC is not the active window, or if it is minimized.


Note: You can also include variables or identifiers in the flash message that are evaluated at every flash.


Tip message

If this is turned on, mIRC will display a tip that notifies you when a match is made.