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OpenCandy is not included in the latest version of mIRC.

OpenCandy logo We used OpenCandy for a few months in 2011 to see if it would help earn some income for mIRC to support its development. OpenCandy displayed a software recommendation during the installation of mIRC. If you installed the recommended software, this earned mIRC some income.

Why did you partner with OpenCandy?

We partnered with OpenCandy because we liked their strong policy on user privacy, their care in vetting recommended software, and an opt-in policy that ensures that no unwanted software is ever installed.

Where can I learn more about OpenCandy?

OpenCandy's website is located at http://www.opencandy.com

What does OpenCandy look like?

You can see an example of an OpenCandy recommendation below. In this case, OpenCandy is recommending Google Chrome, a popular web browser by Google.

If you want to try the recommended application, you can select the "Install Google Chrome" option. Alternatively, you can select the "Do Not Install Google Chrome" option.

You can then click the install button and mIRC will be installed as usual, along with the recommended application if you have chosen to install it.

OpenCandy recommendation